Your bubbly and outgoing personality shines into every aspect of your life, and your yoga practice is certainly no exception to that experience. When you have the personality to go along with fluorescent hues or bold patterns, many yogis are wondering if they will be able to pull off the more difficult style of patterned yoga leggings. Many of today’s yoga fashion crazes are focused on leggings patterns that range from subtle and dainty to bold and colorful. Is this style something that you think you could pull off?

Before you head to the store to purchase the brightest pair of leggings you can find, take time to consider how those workout leggings are going to make you feel. Understanding your intention and the feeling behind your actions is a crucial part of applying yogic principles throughout every aspect of your life.

Will bold patterns on your leggings make you uncomfortable if they attract attention during your class time? Do the bright hues allow you to feel more cheerful and loving towards those around you? Evaluating your intentions behind selecting a brightly patterned pair of leggings is a necessary step before taking the plunge and making a purchase.

Another consideration is your overall body type. Yogis come in all shapes and sizes, each equally capable of creating and sustaining a fulfilling practice on their yoga mat. Consider the expanse that a potential print will need to cover before deciding on whether you will find it overwhelming. Larger sizes can quickly become overwhelmed by very bold or chaotic prints, which can be a distraction from the rest of your outfit and from your practice.

Overall, a patterned yoga legging is going to be a personal choice that each yogi will have to make for themselves. There are a few rules of thumb for a pair of patterned yoga leggings that can help you to make a decision if you just aren’t sure:

Purchase a small print first. A print that doesn’t take up the entire fabric may be a subtler place to start incorporating fun patterns into your wardrobe. You can gain confidence by trying out a few minor patterns before diving into the bigger and more noticeable designs.

Keep the colors dark. It’s harder to be overwhelmed by pattern when the overall color scheme of the leggings is very dark. Greys, dark blues and earth-toned hues can give you some variability in color while remaining neutral.

Opt for Capri leggings. A pattern that covers a bigger area is bound to be more overwhelming than it would be in an outfit that requires less fabric. Save yourself a few yards of pattern and sample out the style by choosing Capri leggings instead of full-length yoga leggings.

You can bring a sense of fun style onto your mat with fashion decisions like boldly patterned leggings. If you’ve been wondering whether these workout clothes are the right choice for you, these guidelines will give you the courage you need to try them out now.

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